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Casino Slip And Fall Lawyers

Have you been hurt due to a fall while in a casino anywhere in the United States? This can include Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and many others. If so, you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to premises liability laws in the state you were injured in.

Contact our team of casino injury lawyers for a free consultation. They handle casino accident cases on a contingency fee basis meaning they charge no fee unless they recover for you.

Below are some risk factors that can result in slip and fall accidents in casinos:

Wet floors

Unsecured carpeting

Inadequate lighting


Taking medications that induce confusion, disorientation, blurred vision or impaired motor function in conjunction with alcohol

Taking street drugs

Poorly lit stairwells

Inadequate security on the casino floor, in the hotel, restaurant and parking garage

If you have sustained an injury in a casino please feel free to contact our casino injury attorneys for a free consultation.

Our team of casino injury lawyers serve those injured in casinos all over the country including, but not limited to, Atlantic City, Reno, Las Vegas, Laughlin, Dover, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, San Diego, New England and Connecticut.