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AL LGBTQ Friendly Lunesta DUI Defense Lawyers

LGBT Friendly DUI Attorneys Handling Lunesta DUI’s

The use of prescription drugs is more ubiquitous than ever in society. This includes the LGBTQ community. These narcotics, which are commonly prescribed for ailments, syndromes & disorders such as: Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety Disorders and Pain Management. As a result of the rise in the amount of medically necessary prescribed narcotics there is also a rise in the volume of DUI’s involving prescription narcotics instead of alcohol. While these prescriptions explicitly reiterate not to drive or operate machinery while taking medication many people still do. Also, the use of recreational or illegal drugs is ever increasing in Delaware. With that you can be charged with a DUI even though you ingested no alcohol. If you or someone you know have been arrested and charged with a non-alcohol related DUI please know you have rights and need to protect them. Speaking with our LGBTQ friendly Lunesta DUI defense attorneys is a wise move.

Please do not wait to connect with out team of Mobile Alabama LGBTQ friendly Lunesta DUI defense attorneys. They offer free consults to those facing DUI, drug crime and traffic violation charges throughout Alabama. You may email our Birmingham Alabama LGBTQ friendly Lunesta DUI defense attorneys by clicking here.

Having been practicing Criminal & DUI Law for many years our Alabama Lunesta DUI defense lawyers have the experience, expertise and resources to represent those facing a non-alcohol related DUI charge. As the law considers any drug a narcotic, they also group Drug induced DUI’s at the highest level of DUI offenses. However, our qualified Huntsville Alabama Lunesta DUI defense attorneys should be aware that every DUI arrest does not necessarily result in a conviction. There are often plea deals that can be negotiated, first time offender programs and diversion or rehabilitative programs for those that meet the criteria.

Drugs Associated With Alabama Drugged Driving Charges

There are numerous prescription drugs that can impair ones motor skills to the point that their driving abilities are diminished. Any drug that induces calm and relaxation, relieves anxiety, eliminates pain or induces sleep should not be taken prior to driving. Common names or brands of these drugs are Percocet, Vicodin, Xanax, Valium, ‘Benzo’s’, Ambien, Lunesta, Phenergan & Flexeril.

All recreational, street or illegal drugs impair ones driving ability. They can result in a drug induced drunk driving charge. Some common ones are cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, methamphetamines, crack, uppers, downers, hash and speed. Also, prescription medications purchased on the street from a dealer and without a legal prescription can fall into this category.

Common Behaviors Of Prescription & Illegal Drug Ingestion

Altered speech patterns

Dilated pupils

Constricted pupils

Decreased motor function

Rapid, slowed or shallow breathing


Sleep driving

Helping You Navigate Through the Judicial System

Being charged with a Drug DUI can be a very stressful and convoluted legal battle. The Montgomery Alabama LGBTQ friendly Lunesta DUI defense attorneys on our team have the expertise to successfully resolve your case and obtain for you the most favorable outcome possible. They are acutely aware of the fact that a skilled Tuscaloosa Lunesta DUI defense lawyer should completely examine evidence used against you for possible mistakes or technical flaws. If the medications are legally prescribed and taken per the prescribed dosage that will be zealously reiterated to the prosecution. Our Hoover Alabama drugged driving defense attorneys will work tirelessly to demonstrate that the prescribed drug was taken as prescribed.

Call Our Alabama LGBTQ Friendly DUI Defense Attorneys

Please contact our team of Dothan Alabama Lunesta DUI defense attorneys regarding your Drug Induced DUI charge. Or, click here to email our AL DUI lawyers. They dutifully serves those accused of drunk driving in the United States, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.