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Drill Press Injury

Drill Press Injury Lawyers

It is very easy to get injured when working with drill presses, lathes and other types of heavy machinery. The injuries can range from can be deep cuts in which nerves, tendons and ligaments are severed to amputation of fingers. Workers’ Compensation claims provide some but hardly adequate compensation. Claims against the manufacturer for defects in the machinery can be maintained in addition to the Workers’ Comp claim and provide realistic compensation for injuries. Workers injured by drill presses and lathes are urged to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at once.

Please contact our team of workers’ compensation lawyers today. They offer free consults, charge no fees if they do not win for you and serve the entire United States.

Claims Of Drill Press Accidents

Machines and equipment with moving parts, which includes drill presses and lathes, need to be fitted with guards to shield hands and clothing from moving parts. Missing safety guards can result in amputated fingers, hands and limbs. Lathes and drill presses should also be fitted with inaccessible or faulty shut-off switches. Failure to provide a guard or an accessible shut-off switch is a design flaw or, if faulty, a manufacturing flaw and grounds for suit. Machines without the proper safety equipment can also redistribute liability from only your employer to the manufacturer, mechanical companies that worked on machine and other third parties.

Manufacturers, designers and third party outfits who maintain these machines can also be liable if an injury is suffered while using a drill press or lathe. They have a legal obligation to warn not to put hands near the equipment. Workers should be warned that loose clothing such as gloves, long sleeve shirts and long hair can get caught in the machine and cause serious injury. Operators of drill presses should be warned the material drilled needs to be clamped down or it may spin cutting the operator. A warning buried in the instructions is not adequate. It must be prominent so the actual worker will see it clearly.

Contact A Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Our Texas workers compensation lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist clients seeking full compensation for drill press and lathe accident injuries. The workers’ comp attorneys on our team investigate the machinery involved for defects in the design, manufacturing and marketing. From there they will evaluate failures to warn of risks. Once liability, or fault, is accurately determined attorney vigorously pursues compensation for the worker for medical expenses, lost wages, any permanent injury and pain and suffering (if applicable).

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