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Valium DUI

Adderall DUI – Adderall is a medication containing amphetamines that helps users who legitimately suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder to mellow out and be in control of their thoughts and actions. Drivers who take such medications often do not get adequate sleep at night. As a result driver’s may fall asleep at the wheel. Additionally, Adderall and related substances cause driver’s to jerk their steering wheels, or make efforts to stay awake while driving, which often leads to a DUI for Drugs.

Xanax DUI or Valium DUI – Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication that relaxes the muscles and the mind, and as such is quite dangerous to drive while taking. However, Xanax has a very long half-life, meaning that its presence in blood c an be detected for up to one month after ingestion. Since the presence of Xanax in blood can be detected for such long periods of time, even after intoxication it is a much easier to fight in court. A proper blood split can show that levels in the driver’s blood fell under the threshold of intoxication, perhaps even demonstrating that the drug had not been taken for a weeks prior to the administration of the DUI blood test.

Vicodin DUI – Vicodin is the most commonly prescribed medication in the United States. It is prescribed twice as much as Tylenol or other medications. Vicodin is an opoid painkiller that causes users to feel drowsy at the wheel. However, Vicodin is not very strong and does not usually cause users to sleep or get into accidents. When a DUI for Vicodin in is charged it is usually because an auto accident has occurred and the police want to make sure that no one was under the influence of any medication. Here, the medication contains the least amount of opioids and does not normally impair driving. Unfortunately the law does not see it that way. If you have been charged with a DUI for Vicodin in Orange County call an attorney now.

Percocet DUI – Percocet is a slightly stronger opioid than Vicodin, and has similar effects. For the same reasons a DUI for Percocet in Orange County can successfully be fought by showing that a user either has a tolerance and it is customary for the driver to drive while on this medication, or that the driver was not under an extreme amount of the substance when the DUI was charged. If you have been arrested for a DUI for Percocet in Orange County call and speak to a DUI Drugs Lawyer today.

Valium DUI – Valium is the most commonly prescribed sleep medication. If you have been charged with a DUI for Valium it is likely because you were swerving of falling asleep behind the wheel. Fortunately Valium also has a long half life, and if a blood split test is given it can be shown that the amount of valium in your blood does not necessarily show that the driver is under the influence of valium at the time.

DUI Fentanyl- Fentanyl is a very strong pain medication that often causes users to fall asleep behind the wheel. Fentanyl is prescribed for people who have completed major surgeries or are suffering from cancer and chemotherapy. DUI for Fentanyl would be linked to overdosing behind the wheel as well. Unfortunately Fentanyl has been found in heroin, and often causes lethal overdoses. Fentanyl is often only prescribed by pain doctors. If you receive a DUI for Fentanyl call us today for more information on how we can represent you in your case.

DUI Codeine – Recently Codeine has become a popular drug of choice on the streets. Codeine is a syrup that effects users differently. While classified as a barbiturate, codeine can also mimic the effects of a painkiller. Codeine is dangerous because users can fall asleep behind the wheel of the moving vehicle. If you receive a DUI for Codeine please contact our Codeine DUI lawyers today.